International Tobacco Growers' Association

The ITGA is a non-profit organisation founded in 1984.

Supporter Members

As a non-profit organisation, the ITGA funded, until the year 2000, its activities almost exclusively through annual dues paid by its members.

At the ITGA's Annual General Meeting in 2000 a unanimous vote in favour of the introduction of a Supporters category was cast. The Supporters category was introduced in order to help counterbalance the ITGA’s dependence on membership fees and to ensure the ITGA’s continued effectiveness in its increasingly broad fields of intervention.

Supporters can be corporate organisations or individuals who share the aims and objectives of ITGA and who are prepared to support ITGA with donations in cash and kind.

Supporters may be invited to assist the total operations of ITGA, its continuing public relations program and specific projects.

Supporters may be invited to attend the ITGA events and receive the Association's regular publications. However, there are defined limits for their involvement, namely:

They will not have a vote in the affairs of ITGA, nor will they seek to influence ITGA's policies or activities.
They will not have a right to attend or participate, unless invited, in ITGA's Annual Meeting or its Regional Meetings.
Good conduct
They will not speak or act on behalf of ITGA in any forum, with the media or with governments.
Relationship & Impartiality
The relationship between ITGA and Supporters will be direct and never through any third party.

If you would like to support the ITGA in its activities by becoming a Supporter member or if you wish to request a list of the current advertising rates for our quarterly publication, ‘The Tobacco Courier’, please contact us.

Note: The ITGA retains the right to accept or reject donations from Supporters or to end its relationship with Supporters.

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