WTGD 2023

On 28th Tobacco Growers celebrate  the World Tobacco Growers’ Day!

A special occasion that is now firmly established in our yearly schedules. In these unprecedented times,  tobacco growers are once again showing their extraordinary resilience.

Twelve years ago, the International Tobacco Growers’ Association (ITGA) has set up the initiative in an attempt to share with the wider audience the good practices and positive contributions of tobacco growers around the world in sustaining local communities and supporting their respective countries.

Tobacco Growers have to keep raising awareness about the positive impact of the sector on their livelihoods, especially in light of the vicious attacks it is subject to on a daily basis.

We are now witnessing with alarm the way in which tobacco is being negatively linked with the SDGs and the important race to their achievement by 2050.

Being the most vulnerable link of the supply chain, Tobacco Growers continue to be disregarded. Their efforts are constantly underestimated, their communities are left behind when important decisions are made and they are rarely consulted when life-altering decisions are being made.

The market we operate in is legal and provides employment to more than 60 million people globally. We have an important message to pass. One that is backed by evidence and based on real world data.

Our message has to be taken into account. Tobacco Growers are committed to the wellbeing of their communities and will continue working to improve their livelihoods.

We are here today to share the positive contributions of tobacco growers that go in line with the SDGs.

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