Crescer Legal Institute, a project to guarantee future generations in agriculture

The Crescer Legal Institute is another social innovation in the tobacco production chain in Brazil, offering professional training opportunities focused on rural management and entrepreneurship for teenagers in the communities where tobacco is produced. It was founded in 2015 at the initiative of the Interstate Union of the Tobacco Industry (SindiTabaco), associated companies and leaders representing growers, education and the area of law. With the support of companies and jointly with partners such as municipalities, the state, schools and various institutions focused on the field, the Institute has already provided services to hundreds of young people during school hours, avoiding child labor and promoting development in communities of dozens of municipalities.

By 2019, more than 330 young apprentices completed the Rural Professional Apprenticeship Program, with more than 900 hours of training. In 2020, the Program includes more than 140 teenagers hired and paid as apprentices by the industries that support the Institute and have the opportunity to develop while staying in their localities, without carrying out any activity in the companies. After completing the course, they remain close to the Institute through initiatives and programs such as Nós por Elas- The female voice of the countryside.

After completing five years of work, the Crescer Legal Institute launched a new institutional video to express the essence of the journey and the results of its work with young people, who now have a new look at the rural environment and intervene in its reality, looking for new destinations for them and certainly for the countryside.

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