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FEDETABACO - Fondo Nacional del Tabacco, ITGA member, Colombia

Construction of ninety reserves to collect water for irrigation for ninety tobacco families of the department of Boyaca

ItemFnt U$Beneficiaries U$Total U$Number of reservesBenefited families
Total budget74,27312,66086,9339090

Basic sanitation and improvement of rural housing in the municipalities of Malaga, San Jose de Miranda, Capitanejo, Molagavita, Enciso, San Miguel and Los Santos in the department of Santander

ItemFnt U$Government U$Total U$Number of improvementsBeneficiary families
Total budget66,667248,333315,0007070

Extension of coverage of the aguachoro aqueduct for consumption of the families from choro alto, choro, bajo and carrizal roads, municipality of Villanueva, department of Santander

ItemFnt U$Community U$Total U$Benefited families
Total budget12,73313,33326,066110

Use of rainwater for the supply and installation of tanks for tobacco families of the department of Santander

Fnt U$Santander department U$Beneficiaries U$Total U$Number of reservesBenefited families

Management for non-tobacco population sectors

ItemTotal value U$Number of housing
Rural housing19,482,3402,321

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