AGM 2019, Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic

Global Tobacco Overview

November 2019

Mr. Shane MacGuill -  Head of Tobacco Research - Euromonitor International

  • Global Tobacco Overview
  • Overview & Global Outlook: Shifting Framework

Global Tobacco Market

Mr. António Abrunhosa - ITGA CEO - International Tobacco Growers' Association

Agriculture Transformation Intitiative - ATI

Mr. Jim Lutzweiler - Vice President of Agriculture and Livelihoods - Foundation for a Smoke-Free World

Tobacco Growers' Challenges Towards Sustainability - America

Mr. José Aranda - COPROTAB - Salta, Argentina

Mr. Benicio Albano Werner - AFUBRA - Brazil

Mr. Heliodoro Campos - FEDETABACO - Colombia

Lucha contra el trabajo infantíl Fundación ECLT

Mrs. Karima Jambulatova - Executive Director - ECLT Foundation

ITGA Corporate

Mrs. Mercedes Vázquez - ITGA Public Relations - International Tobacco Growers' Association

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Tobacco Growers' Challenges Towards Sustainability - Africa

Mr. Felix Thole -  TAMA Farmers' Trust - Malawi

Malawi Country Report

Mr. Felix Thole - CEO  TAMA Farmers' Trust - MALAWI

Colombia Country Report

Mr. Heliodoro Campos - FEDETABACO - Colombia

India Country Report

Tobacco Institute of India (TII)

USA Country Report

Mr. Daniel Green - CEO - Burley Stabilization Corporation - United States of America


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