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Periodical information of the main activities developed by ITGA, its member associations and growers. Media vehicle for the promotion of ITGA Meetings and other relevant gatherings.
Crop Monitor
Report sent to Members every two month gathering information about the tobacco crop situation around the world
Regular newsletter sent to ITGA Members summarizing the latest news and relevant changes on leaf production & tobacco consumption markets and legislation. It is followed by the ‘Country Overview’, a standardized report with briefings on the main tobacco producing countries.
Tobacco Courier
Quartely magazine collecting real evidence about tobacco farming with contributions from experts in different areas and special issues dedicated to highlight events in the sector.
Website - Info Hub
ITGA worked during 2018 in a new concept of website dedicated to research and market information. Through our website and with our collection of more than 20 years of information through our publications and forums, we want to create the biggest database on tobacco.
Atlas ITGA
Publication that highlights the importance of tobacco for the livelihood and sustainability of the communities growing tobacco leaf worldwide, thus mirroring the importance the golden leaf has for the local economies of several tobacco growing countries.

Our Meetings

The ITGA centres its efforts on …

  • Developing contact between tobacco growers around the world
  • Sharing non-competitive information about the crop with its members
  • Elaborating strategies to stabilise supply and prices
  • Countering national and international anti-tobacco-growing campaigns
  • Ensuring that the legitimate interests of tobacco growers are adequately considered by national and international policy-makers
  • Monitoring market conditions
  • Building mutual understanding and protecting its members and their dependants
  • Publicising the socio-economic importance of tobacco in terms of employment, agricultural development and national economic benefits

History of the ITGA

Prior to 1984, tobacco growers world-wide had no unified voice. This changed on November 26th of that year when farmers from Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Malawi, the U.S.A. and Zimbabwe agreed to form an organisation to promote and develop their common interests throughout the world. From that agreement emerged the International Growers' Association (ITGA). The ITGA time-line, below, lists the most important dates in the history of the ITGA.

The ITGA time-line, below, lists the most important dates in the history of the ITGA.


Foundation of the ITGA by

the U.S.A.,
and Zimbabwe

Admission of

South Africa and

New Admission

Italy and the

Chief Executive

Mr. David Walder appointed ITGA Chief Executive

Admission of

India and

New Admissions of

Cyprus and

Admission of

Mexico and

Poland Joins

Poland Joins ITGA Group

Admission of

Portugal and

New Chief Executive

Mr. David Walder retires from his office as Chief Executive of the ITGA
Mr. António Abrunhosa appointed ITGA Chief Executive

New Headoffice

Castelo Branco, Portugal
Admission of Kenya and Uganda

Supporters Category

Introduction of the Supporters Category


Application for membership by Indonesia and Pakistan
Admission of Bulgaria and Italy

Canada Resigns

Canada resigns as a Founder Member
Malaysia is readmitted

Colombia Joins

Colombia joins the ITGA

New Joins by

Indonesia and
Philippines join the ITGA

ITGA 1st Global Campaign


New Joins by

Bulgaria, North Macedonia and Korea
join ITGA

ITGA 2nd global campaign


Azerbaijan Joins

Azerbaijan joins the ITGA

North Carolina Tobacco Growers' Association joins

North Carolina Tobacco Growers' Association joins the ITGA

Mercedes Vázquez is appointed new ITGA CEO

Mercedes Vázquez is appointed new ITGA CEO


“ITGA members must be interacting with state or non-state organizations, UN Agencies inclusive; as we together lok at suporting livelihoods of the tobacco dependent masses. (...) Let institutions support each other as we endeavor to sustain or improve livelihoods of tobacco farmers.”
ITGA President
Abiel M. Kalima Banda ITGA President
“The International Tobacco Growers Association is offering the expertise of its members to engage with various governments and international organizations, including the World Health Organization, in the effort to find viable alternatives and complementary crops for tobacco growers around the world.”
ITGA Ex-President
Daniel Green ITGA Ex-President
“The ITGA has a responsibility to assist in ensuring that farmers have a sustainable future in the farming business, even if it means growing less tobacco and more complementary crops where the demand for tobacco is declining.”
ITGA Ex-President
François Van der Merwe ITGA Ex-President
“The future looks undoubtedly complicated. It is our responsibility to close ranks with ITGA member countries and defend our right to carry out our legitimate growing activities, as we have done until now.”
ITGA Ex-President
Jorge Nestor ITGA Ex-President
“ITGA stands ready to represent growers worldwide in this vital issue affecting our future.”
ITGA Ex-President
Roger Quarles ITGA Ex-President
“As leaders of the tobacco producing countries, we should fight for the continuity of the tobacco business, at least until viable and real alternatives are found. The people we represent simply want to follow the principle that guides any activity: sustainability and the well-being of their families.”
ITGA Ex-President
Benicio Albano Werner ITGA Ex-President

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